How to Enable Two-factor Authentication WordPress

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Two-factor Authentication WordPress (2FA), is a security process in which users provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves. If you want to enhance your WordPress security? By wp OTP verification? It really gives your website high security and take your website security to next level, in this WordPress security tutorial I wanna show you, How to secure WordPress website by WordPress OTP two-step verification by email and how you can keep many emergency backup codes for future use, after watching this tutorial I hope your website security will be very high if you applied this method on your WordPress website. also, if someone knows your password they can’t access your website because of the WordPress 2-factor authentication system, also, if somehow you can’t access your email for OTP code you can put your emergency backup OTP code, amazing? Right? Really Yes : ( so let’s learn how to secure WordPress by wp OTP verification step by step.