How to Easily Migrate Live WordPress Sites to Localhost

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Migrate live WordPress to localhost is the best way to transfer online website to the local computer, you can easily move WordPress to local using this method and really its work super perfect, without any hassle and without any content break, in this tutorial I wanna show you how to migration a live WordPress website to local computer or laptop, and I use a plugin the plugin name is all in one wp migration. so you no need to copy your site data, no need to copy your my SQL database, even no need to configure the database with your localhost as well, so after watching this tutorial I hope that you will be able to move WordPress live to localhost, so why people move live WordPress site to localhost? Because they want to learn how to update or edit WordPress website or they want to research with their site with new design, for improvement and see how its looks like. once it’s perfect at the same time they do the same thing, on their live site as well, because it’s very safe for them so let’s learn how to migrate a live WordPress site to local within 5 minutes. How to Install WordPress Locally on Your Computer or Laptop (2 Methods) 

How to Install WordPress Locally on Your Computer or Laptop (2 Methods)