How to Install WordPress Locally on Your Computer or Laptop

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WordPress is an open-source content management system (cms) that makes it easy to create and manage a website. It is the most popular cms in the world. And WordPress is working on a server, for that, you cannot run WordPress on your local computer or laptop, without any local server software, there has many software fo create a local server in your computer, for example, wamp, mamp, lamp, and so on. but the most popular local server software name is xampp. so in this tutorial, I wanna going to show you, how to install WordPress locally on your pc or laptop and How to install WordPress locally on Mac using xampp, also how to install WordPress on Kali Linux as well, with all operating system, like windows all version from 7,8,8.1 even 10 also the same thing for Linux and mac os users, I think this tutorial help for these type of person a lot, who wants to learn WordPress, but right now don’t want o buy a domain or hosting, after watching this WordPress localhost setup tutorial, I hope that you will also able to install and work any WordPress work on your computer or laptop.