How to Create Divi Custom, Transparent, Sticky Header

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The header is the top section of a website it contained a logo, popular pages, social buttons even a search bar, and so on, without a header, it’s not possible to imagine a website. Because website header is most of the important part, so in this tutorial, I show you how to create a custom WordPress header using Divi. not only that also describe all about Custom Divi header design, also describe how to make transparent headers in Divi, (that’s called Divi transparent navigation bar, ) also how to you can create a fixed Divi header, for your Divi website. so I hope that after watching this tutorial you will be able to create any type of Divi custom professional level header, using the same methods, also you will able to make the divi fixed header on scroll, and make the header transparent as well, without using any divi header layout pack.