How to Backup and Restore WordPress Website

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Building a website is very complex, for example, you had to choose a design, structure, write the post, upload content, and many things,s also, you had to pay for this work. And really it’s a time-consuming matter. But, if somehow your WordPress website got hacked? Whats will happen? Everything will be gone your money your time even your website 🙁 really it’s a very painful matter for every WordPress website owner. So every WordPress website owner should backup the WordPress website, create a full backup is very easy, even you don’t have to export the database. Because we use this process with the best WordPress backup plugin. You can easily recover WordPress from backup with this plugin. WordPress plugin library has a lot of paid plugins, but all in one wp migration is the best free WordPress backup plugin, for backing up a WordPress website, so in this tutorial, I wanna going to show you how to backup and restore WordPress website? After watching this tutorial I think you will be also able to create a strong backup for your WordPress website.